Sunday 21 February 2010

Trade with Adam from Thoughts and Sox

I feel grateful to be included in the popular trend that swept across the baseball blogs- Bipping, that now has a cease and desist order pending. I am always behind when it comes to baseball related items, so here is to the first and possibly only overseas bip to take place...thankfully. Say hello to 9x 2008 Donruss Threads #62 Jon Still courtesy of Adam at Thoughts and Sox.
I have often wondered what happened to multiple doubles that are collected. I remember a while back that a blogger suggested making boxes, but the cards had to be folded, hence destroyed, to make them. Didn't someone give away cards as Halloween trinkets? What about wallpapering a bedroom? Tasteful decoration of items around the home or pencil holders, and maybe with a little tinkering- fridge magnets. Surely we can come up with something.
Adam also sent along a large pile of Red Sox cards from my wants list, too numerous to mention all of them except my favourite from the bunch.
2007 UD Elements #89 David Ortiz 'plastic fantastic' card.
Thanks Adam. Red Sox are on their way.

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AdamE said...

There is actually a second package coming your way. Sans Bipping this time.