Friday 6 August 2010

Trade with Shane from Massachusetts

Thank goodness there was a Red Sox fan reading when I posted this,

The package Shane sent just grew and grew. What started as a few from my wants list developed into a monster. There are at least 600 Red Sox here, all off my wants list, but Shane didn't stop there. He felt that that wasn't quite enough, so he included some in person autographs, not 1, but 8 in-person autographs.

The autos included were;
1986 Topps Jim Rice
1987 Topps Rob Woodward
1996 Donruss Mike Stanton
1997 Best Wilton Veras
1997 Bowman Chris Reitsma (who include the personal Phil 4:13 with the auto)
1998 Score Brian Rose
1998 Team Best Dernell Stensen
1999 Fleer Ultra Darren Lewis

A very humble Thank you to Shane for the excellent trade.


AdamE said...

Can you get me in contact with this guy? I have a ton of doubles to trade that maybe he would need.

Unknown said...


Shane here. I don't have a blog, but have made very good trades with Night Owl, Play at the Plate, Nachos, Cheap Seats. Shoot me an email at

I am a huge Red Sox fan and this was just extra stuff sitting around.