Tuesday 21 September 2010

2009 Tristar Obak

I was fortunate recently to get hold of a 'blaster' of 2010 Obak. Blaster may be stretching it a little, as most of the box contained a large L-shaped block of foam. There are 4 packs within the blaster, each pack containing 6 cards.
The base set consists of 119 cards, 5 of which can only be collected through Tristar Prospect Plus packs. I don't really know enough about Minor League ball to speak confidently about the cards but I like the modern/vintage sets.

Pack 1:
#15 Neftali Feliz Oklahoma City Redhawks
#29 Angel Villalona San Jose Giants
#48 Robert Forrest Jacobs Asheville Tourists
#53 Ike Boone Mission Reds
#60 Joe Wilhoit Salt Lake City Bees
#38 Ron Necciai Bristol Twins T-212 Pack 2:
#64 Gregg Jefferies Jackson Mets
#73 Bud Hillerich and Pete Browning Louisville Slugger
#76 Mike Coolbaugh Columbus Clippers
#89 George H. Rawlings
O-EX3 Barack Obama
#29 Steve Dalkowski Rochester Red Wings T-212
Pack 3:
#36 Al Rosen Oklahoma City Indians
#44 Steve Dalkowski Rochester Red Wings
#59 Gary Redus Waterbury Reds
#74 Alexander Cartwright 'alleged' inventor of baseball
#84 Francis Scott Key
#37 Grover Lowdermilk Mattoon Giants T-212
Pack 4:
#2 Robbie Grossman West Virginia Power
#3 BJ Hermsen GCL Twins
#8 Junichi Tazawa Portland Seadogs
#13 Tim Beckham Bowling Green Hot Rods
#43 Oscar Eckhardt Mission Reds
#5 Michael Ynoa AZL Athletics T-212
Hooked ! Mainly by the names of the players and teams. I have to get some more 'Loudermilk' cards as well as Bristol Twins. Pity the team isn't called Bristol City Twins.
As usual all the cards are up for trade.


Tony Mc said...

Cool looking cards. I like that Obama is batting like Ty Cobb!

AdamE said...

At least you pulled one Red Sox.

Junichi Tazawa