Sunday, 19 September 2010

What will 99p buy you in baseball cards?

A load of crap possibly.
Readers from the UK might have seen this lot on e-bay recently. A 1000 cards with a starting price of 99p. Who wouldn't bid? Well everyone obviously because I won with a bid of 99p.

So what exactly did I get for my 99p?
A complete set of 1995 Topps,
A box of 1993 Donruss Series 1,
A box of 1993 Donruss Series 2,
5 Topps 1974 ,
8 Topps 1975,
19 Topps 1978,
1 Topps 1979,
1 Donruss 1983,
1 Sportsflick 1986,
1 Upper Deck 1989,
97 Donruss 1990,
1 Topps 1990,
30 Donruss 1991,
36 Fleer 1991,
1 Fleer Sticker 1991,
15 Score 1991,
4 Topps 1991,
74 Donruss 1992,
2 Fleer 1992,
27 Leaf 1992,
19 Score 1992,
104 Topps 1992,
7 Upper Deck 1992,
108 Donruss 1993,
89 Hostess baseball 1993,
13 Topps 1993,
4 Upper Deck 1993,
2 Fleer 1994,
1 Topps 1994,
12 Stadium Club 1994,
20 UD Collectors Choice 1995,
10 Fleer 1996,
12 Fleer Ultra 1996
28 Score 1996,
11 UD Collector Choice 1996,
200+ Topps Total 2004,
8 National Card Day 2006,

That is the bulk of the cards. An unusual mix considering there is two complete sets, possibly three, and the ever popular early 1990's cards, that appear to be common all over the world! There was also about 20 top loaders, a packet of card protectors and roughly 20 hard cases too.

There was a number of unusual items enclosed, hidden deep within the box.
A set of Civil War Leaders complete set of 32 cards in a plastic case,
A limited edition #to 240,000 1991 Front Row Draft Picks complete set in a plastic case,
A Mickey Lolich Detroit Tigers Gold embossed card?
A 1996 Fleer promotional card,
A 1996 Upper Deck Promotional card,
A slabbed 1994 Upper Deck Fold outs Cal Ripken ,
a Number of Frank Thomas cards from various years -all encased in hard covers.

Is there method to the madness of this collector? There are very few Red Sox, Pirates or Dodgers cards but plenty of White Sox pretty much together in a pile and Yankees cards again together. There are a number of cards badly beaten but in top loaders, a few more cards covered in sticky back plastic (for protection?) and a number of others that look as though they have been used to soak up low grade oil.

So a load of crap then?


Matt Runyon said...

Looks like there are a few hidden treasures buried in the crap. I actually like going through that kind of stuff---you never know what you'll turn up.

moremonkeys138 said...

That 1995 Topps set is harder to come by than most people think. They usually sell for $50+ on eBay. Nice find!

Steve Gierman said...

Pretty decent for 99p.

--David said...

So, how much is 99p in USD? Looks like there a few unique items in there!

Play at the Plate said...

Looks like a fun box to go through!

Tony Mc said...

I cant believe you got all that for 99p! Bargain!