Wednesday 26 January 2011

Trade with Ross from Sports Card Info

How sweet it is...
This Autograph Letter Rookie Patch #165 from the 2010 Topps Finest release is a beauty.
1 per mini-box and 'R' for Richardson. It is numbered 114/217.
Just one of the peaches that Ross at Sports Card Info sent me this week.
Knowing very little about the Topps Finest set or these manufactured patches and did a quick checklist search.
It has left me none the wiser and a little confused.
The checklist has Luis Dutango listed as card #165 on the autographed letter patch rookie cards and states the letter is for the players last name. Another quick surf on e-bay reveals 'S', 'O' and an 'E' of the same card. If I'm not mistaken there is no 'e' in Richardson. So is the checklist incorrect? Fully utilising my keen deductive skills I suspect the the 'R' is for Red Sox not Richardson. Fine by me it works both ways and doesn't diminish the card in my eyes.
Ross always sends cards from sets that never really see the light of day in the UK -Bowman Chrome, Topps Finest, Bowman Sterling, Topps Tribute.
All this shiny goodness.

Thanks as always to Ross, my first trade with anyone for a while and what a super trade it was.

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Captain Canuck said...

cool. I have a small package on it's way to you this week.... not quite as cool as that though....