Saturday 29 January 2011

Trade with Shellie from the middle child

I heard on the radio that last week was meant to be the most depressing week of the year. A comforting thought. They reasoned that Christmas was a distant memory, the overspend and indulgence of the period was hitting hard, we were all back to the grindstone, it was a while till the next payday, the Christmas chocolates were all eaten and the days were still dark.
Last week was a miserable, cold wet week.
Most depressing week-HA! A bounty of trade packages dropped through my letter box.
The second package, a stack of Red Sox comes from Shellie, a Colorado Rockies fan and writer of the blog The Middle Child arrived early in the week.
I haven't traded with Shellie before and it was great to find a destination for the Rockies cards mounting. Shellie sent a great selection of Red Sox old, new, needed and unknown. It will keep me busy for a few days.
Thank you 'The Middle Child'.

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