Tuesday 12 June 2012

Bitter disappointment of a failed TTM

I was mildly excited when this letter dropped through my letter-box this morning. A letter from the Boston Red Sox. I wasn't sure what to expect, however what did arrive I had completely forgotten about.
Think back to about 3 years ago, May 2009 and this post Postage USA and TTM autographs.
Can you believe it? Just over 36months ago I send an envelope laden with US stamps and carefully followed the suggestions regular autograph collectors offered. And then promptly forgot.
In the May 2009 post I wondered 'whether I was wasting my time!'
It appears so.
Enclosed within the envelope, which came nowhere near the $3.00 (give or take 50c) that I had worked out was:
My two cards (unsigned ) but politely apologising about high volume...unable to personalize (sic)...to every fan...yadda...yadda.
So no luck there.
Secondly was a letter. A little more personal and friendly. Pretty cool too.

Finally the official team photo.
You have to admit even after all this time the Red Sox still replied and returned my cards, that in itself is an impressive bit of PR. I am also the very proud owner of a personalised letter(and envelope) from the Boston Red Sox. I may even dream a little that Jacoby Ellsbury sat down in front of a computer and typed this message all by himself. That may be stretching it a little.
I never did receive cards from Mario. Should I expect them soon as well.

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Captain Canuck said...

for some reason, certain teams do not forward fan mail to their players. The Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Calgary Flames are some of these teams.

too bad, but at least you got something.