Friday 27 July 2012

2012 London Olympics

A few cards in honour of the 2012 Olympics, which has just started. We are watching the Olympians arriving in the stadium. There is great speculation about who will light the Olympic flame. The favourite is Sir Steve Redgrave, but other possible contenders are David Beckham, Muhammad Ali, Roger Bannister , even HRH The Queen has had a mention.
There are two sets celebrating the 2012 Olympics available here. This first set is of cards from the Adrenlyn XL series.
There are 350 cards to collect. 250 in the base set. All the cards featured are of UK athletes, I didn't know there was that many.
 Sir Chris, the cyclist, is actually Scottish but represents the Great Britain team. He won three gold medals at the Beijing games. The first Briton to do so for 100 years. He has been chosen as the flag bearer for the 2012 Olympics.
 One of the 'shiny' cards available.The Bronze medal. Apparently only located in 1in 50 packs.
All the sports are covered in this set, even the more obscure ones. I don't think I will be staying up to watch the dressage.Out of the four packets I bought I recognised about 10 names.
Panini also produced a set of stickers, which I will show later.
Enjoy the games.

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