Sunday 29 July 2012

2012 London Olympics Panini Stickers

 The second Olympic collection is stickers from Panini. Not exclusively UK athletes, but I still cannot bring myself to collect the whole set.
From the official Panini site.

"Panini are proud to announce the launch of their official Sticker Collection for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games! Packed full of fun facts, stats and imagery, it’s the perfect souvenir guide to the UK’s biggest sporting event this century. Get stuck into this awesome collection and discover info on all the highest profile Team GB and International athletes. The Official London 2012 Sticker Collection will serve as your ultimate guide to the tournament with all of the key dates for each event, venue information, Did You Know flashes and Fun Fact flashes.
There are 444 stickers to collect with 24 kiss-cut stickers and 24 rainbow foil stickers to look out for. So what are you waiting for? Start collecting now"

Not for me thanks. A quick glimpse of some of the stickers available.
At this present time, the most famous athlete on the planet. Completely mobbed at the opening ceremony by other athletes.
Also featured are some of the Paralympic events. Have you ever tried this? We did blind football, with a preference for the sport being called five-a-side football at school with the children. We also played blind cricket. The ball contains a number of small bells or ball bearings and its is bloody difficult to kick or hit. The children loved playing the game though and it really made them trust each other. I was always tempted to have a quick peek.
This set contains a number of international sports stars. I have been watching the Tour de France recently and both the men's and women's road races. Amazing how interesting it can be.
These are the two very strange and slightly scary mascots from the 2012 Olympics called Wenlock and Mandeville.  

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