Friday 3 August 2012

Trade packages ahoy

It is so good to be on holidays for a while. Its the only time I get to really sort out my card collection. There have been stacks of cards, unopened packs and Red Sox screaming out for organisation. In between watching the Olympics, seeing Australia get crushed in the swimming pool and rowing, I have posted a number of packages  to the usual suspects
Kevin -Orioles
Steve -White Sox
Matt- Royals
Tim- D-backs
Capewood- Astros (some Phillies too)
Tony - Giants
Simon - Bay Rays
Brian - Rangers
Tom -Angels
Ted - Blue Jays
James - Braves
Travis - Padres
Steve -Yankees
Greg - Dodgers
Paul - Cubs
 a couple of Red Sox packages to Martyn, Matt and Anthony

still to go are
Kerry - Cardinals
Michael- Pirates
Big B - football
Dayf - packs

AND (hopefully)
Jason - Reds
Ed - Brewers

The only ones missing are
Nationals who are all still looking for homes.

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Play at the Plate said...

Thank you sir...I'll try to repay it soon.