Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Trade with TribeCards

I sent out a few packages to some folks on 'Pack a Day'. The first cards to come back are from 'TribeCards' and what a whacking great big stack of cards it is too.

October 4th 2008

Dave over at TribeCards is bloody brilliant!

He is an experienced collector and sent me a great mixture of over 200 Red Sox cards and Red Sox odd ball stuff, the favourites of the lot being a Roger Clemens Kraft Cheese Singles card, a Wade Bloggs 'Collect a book' , three Red Sox badges and some Classic Red Sox Phone Cards.

However the Upper Deck B.A.T cards take centre stage today.

Thanks for the great cards and variety.
David take a bow.

All the INDIANS cards that I pull will make their way to you.

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--David said...

Glad you liked 'em!! They needed a RedSox-friendly environment! :-)