Monday, 27 October 2008

Collecting and waiting!

The world of card collecting has gone eerily quiet. I am waiting for a number of packages to arrive and I am becoming impatient.
I have waited a few weeks now for 100 cards from the Topps 1980 set I won on e-bay. I haven't been contacted by the seller, so I am little worried that they may never arrive. This is the first time buying cards from the US that I have experienced a problem. Pity as this was going to make a big dent in my 'Pursuit' of the 1980 set.
Secondly, I am waiting for a blaster of 2008 Goudey also purchased from e-bay in the US. I haven't had trouble from this seller before but again is it taking longer than I expected.
Thirdly, I sent out a load of trade packages and was hoping to receive some cards back. Nothing has arrived for a week or so.
So I am collecting and waiting. So what does a basbeall card collector do while waiting, sort through their collection and in doing so I decided to add another pursuit- Jacoby Ellsbury.

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