Tuesday 2 December 2008

Trade with Brian from 'Waxaholic'

Brian, fellow non-US resident and writer of Waxaholic, had been threatening a package for a little while. A day or two after Ryan's cards arrived from Canada, there was Brian's! This time from Calgary, Alberta.

When Brian and I first got in contact through A Pack a Day, he mentioned that he liked all things English. In particular: Fish and Chips, Queen (or was that The Queen), Premiership Football and Lucy Pinder, who is, what we call in the UK, a page 3 model. An offer of football cards, his team of choice-Braves and a few other football bits and pieces made their way to Canada. The return package is Brilliant plus some bonus Looney Tunes, Digimon and 4 packs of Hoops!. He also added, possibly knowing my interest in oddball cards in particular cards that come with food, a little pack of Kraft Canadian baseball cards.
Brian enclosed:

1985 Topps Collectors' Series #22 Hub Leonard
1985 Topps Collectors' Series #37 Earl Webb
1985 Topps Collectors' Series #38 Ted Williams
1985 Topps Collectors' Series #44 Cy Young
1987 Donruss #252 Wade Boggs
1988 Donruss #153 Wade Boggs
1987 Topps #608 Wade Boggs
1988 Topps #450 Roger Clemens
1989 Donruss Diamond King #23 Ellis Burks
1990 Fleer #269 Ellis Burks
1990 Fleer #271 Roger Clemens
1991 Conlon Collection #139 Jack Barry
1991 Conlon Collection #141 Ernie Shore
1991 Conlon Collection #149 Everett Scott
1991 Conlon Collection #150 Carl Mays
1991 Conlon Collection #183 Max Bishop
1991 Conlon Collection #184 Moe Berg
1991 Conlon Collection #189 Marty McManus
1991 Conlon Collection #198 Wes Ferrell
1991 Conlon Collection 276 Dutch Leonard
1991 Score #889 (DT9/13) Wade Boggs
1991 Topps #530 Roger Clemens
1991 Topps Stadium Club #83 Tim Naehring
1991 Topps Stadium Club #271 Jeff Grey
1991 Upper Deck Silver Slugger #10 Ellis Burks
1992 Donruss #210 Wade Boggs
1992 Donruss #244 Roger Clemens
1997 Upper Deck CC #278 Reggie Jefferson
2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #27 David Ortiz
2004 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #79 Curt Schilling
2008 Bowman #198 Bartolo Colon Orange 167/250
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C93 Clay Buchholz 0593/1950

Bonus Kraft pack Serie Des Etoiles 1991
#10/30 Chris Sabo
#16/30 Dave Stieb
Awesome Brian, the last two cards were a complete surprise. I didn't realise they were numbered until I was listing them. Wade Boggs as been a hard man to catch as well, so thanks for all the Boggs cards, it helped me complete the 1987 and 1998 Topps Red Sox sets. Look out for more football stickers coming soon. Still searching for Lucy!


Captain Canuck said...

You're more than welcome my friend... hopefully the first of many...

capewood said...

Post cereal cards in French! Cool!