Monday, 1 December 2008

Trade with Dave from 'The Bench'

I contacted Dave on The Bench who agreed to a trade for some Minnesota Twins cards. I did all the required paper work and a package arrived on Saturday from Fresno in California. Enclosed was a decent selection of amazingly protected Red Sox cards from the 2008 Baseball Heroes set.

Enclosed was:
Mike Lowell #19
Jason Varitek #20
David Ortiz #21 beige 132/299
David Ortiz #21 charcoal
Daivd Ortiz #21
Jonathan Papelbon #23
Jacoby Ellsbury #24
Curt Schilling #26 charcoal
Josh Beckett #27
Dustin Pedroia #30
Carl Yastrzemski #33
Wade Boggs #34 charcoal
Wade Boggs #34
Jon Lester #92
Yastrzemski, Fisk, Boggs #187
Thanks to Dave for the nice cards and a Jacoby too. But I'm not overally thrilled with this particular set. I don't understand why Upper Deck produces 3 or 4 of the exact same card in different colours. I'm not sure of the point.

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