Friday 29 January 2010

Top Gear Turbo Challenge Trading Cards

In an attempt to find a baseball card substitute, I went into my local newsagents and bought a few packs of whatever they had on offer. The second selection comes from the TV series 'Top Gear'. This is what you may refer to as a 'blokes' show. It is crammed full of anything that moves and can be tinkered with; cars, trucks, bikes, rockets, pushbikes, supermarket trolleys. There is some fast racing, dangerous stunts, celebrity racing and the occasional scantly clad woman. I'm not sure whether it has made its way across to the US, no doubt you probably have your own version. It is, however, very popular with certain age groups of a particular gender.
So a card set? A glorified Top Trumps, at £1.50 a packet for 9 cards is asking a little too much.
The cards are exactly as you would expect, pictures of cars, dangerous stunts and not a scantly clad lady to be found. Which is fortunate, as this is a set aimed at children. A collectors album to hold your cards is available. This appears to be the norm these days.
My favourite moment of the series was a few years back when two of the presenters tried to modify a K-reg Reliant Robin, a three wheeled car, into a reusable space shuttle. They achieved a successful launch but the car failed to separate from the fuel tank, crashed to the ground and exploded shortly after. They now have the dubious record of having the largest rocket launched by a non-government organisation in Europe.
Brilliant TV.


Anonymous said...

As you say brilliant tv,you can also log your cards on a website,get certain cards and you open online games,build a cool wall,these are a great introduction to card collecting for youngsters,Toby is totally obsessed with the show and loves the cards.
Mark(no I havent forgotten)

PunkRockPaint said...

Top Gear is one of my favorite (err... favourite) shows. It airs weekly on BBC America over here, with several episodes back to back. I can't recall seeing scantily clad women too often, and I don't like cars... Why do I like this show???

You should be receiving a package from me in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

You like the show because it isnt a car show ,its a comedy programme with cars,as the producer says"stupid people being stupid not funny,clever people being clever,not funny,but clever people being stupid, funny"
Thers been talk of an American edition for years,dont think anything ever came of it,Jay Leno was meant to be interested but said it wouldnt be the same because the show couldnt risk upsetting the advertisers(the bbc of course is advert free)

Kelly said...

But i love to Watch Top Gear Online. It's not like the other cars show which you have watched before. Its every episode is always totally different and its always full of entertainment. I never missed its any episode.