Sunday 6 February 2011

I am 2 for 2!

I struck baseball gold again in 'Poundland'.
My son asked if he could spend some of his birthday money on Yu-gi-oh cards. My initial reaction of 'Don't you have enough cards already?' never leaves my mouth as I realise that the boys have seen the cupboard where I keep my card collection. This does mean a trip to the closest comic book store in Canterbury about 15 miles away, but there are shops in Canterbury that I wouldn't find elsewhere.
You may remember the 'I have dream' post about a certain shop in Canterbury. Like the sirens in Homer's Odyssey, Poundland lured me towards its jagged rocks once again.
I wasn't the one to discover the 'Obsessed with Baseball' quiz book, it was my eagle eyed son.
2500 questions and a module that will randomly select questions to test your knowledge of America's (favourite) pastime.
Its copious volume is broken down into 10 chapters of 250 questions.

A random selection of question from the book:

1. Who is the career leader with 4, 256 hits?
a. Ty Cobb
B. Stan Musial
C. Pete Rose
D. Wade Boggs

556. Who is the only player to steal home in an All-Star Game?
A. Nap Lajoie
B. Pie Traynor
C. Roberto Alomar
D. Rod Carew

1126. Which pitcher won the Cy Young Award with four different teams?
A. Randy Johnson
B. Pedro Martinez
C. Roger Clemens
D. Catfish Hunter

1967. Who was the first batter to get five hits in a playoff game?
A. Paul Blair
B. Rennie Stennett
C. Rico Carty
D. Sal Bando

2284. Which baseball owner once experimented with using orange baseballs in exhibition games?
A. Bill Veeck
B. Connie Mack
C. Walter O'Malley
D. Charles Finley
All this for just 1 pound. Possibly the best pound I have spent all year.
(There are no prizes for answering the questions correctly, just the satisfaction of knowing you are obsessed with baseball.)


Steve Gierman said...

I got 4 out of 5. Question 1967 tripped me up. Nice find!

Nathan said...

My guesses:

1. Pete Rose

556. Rod Carew

1126. Roger Clemens

1967. Sal Bando

2284. Bill Veeck

Captain Canuck said...

very nice. More appeal than 2500 questions about cricket.
I wouldn't do so well with that one.