Monday, 9 January 2012

Trade with The Angels in Order

Here is trade with a blogger who I have never traded with before, Tom from The Angels in Order. The Angels were stacking up so it was great to find another collector. Here's Tom's take on the package I sent his way in January.
In the return package Tom sent a stack of cards that fit into my collecting mojo (that was a really poor time to use that expression for the first time).
My favourites sets are the Bowman sets from 1950's and the 1951 set would probably clinch the favourite title of all-time. There is very little chance of ever owning the complete set  but picking up a few here and there is always a treat.
So the 2005 Bowman Heritage set is another set I have admired for ages because of the basis of its design being 1951 Bowman. I really should add it as another set collecting pursuit. My mind was firmly made up for me when Tom included these 3 2005 Bowman Heritage Red Sox in the trade.
So thank you Tom for the trade and for adding another collecting pursuit. 

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