Tuesday 25 September 2012

Trade with Heartbreaking Cards of a Staggering Genius

Now know as My Year Without Cardboard. Matt is spending the next 12 months in the Ukraine. This must have been one of the last trades he sent before he went on his tour. Follow his Ukrainian adventures on Use my Camera blogspot.
Now back to the cards he sent. What an incredible diverse selection or Red Sox Matt sent.
Firstly shown above;
1964 Topps Coin #30 Dick Radatz 
This set contained a 164 metal coins and were inserted into the Topps wax packs.
1953 Bowman Colour #35 Maury McDermott
A much loved , cut and lovely card from an early Bowman series.
1974 Kellogg's 3D Super Stars #24 Orlando Cepeda
These small 3D cards were only available from Kellogg's. I have done a little research and I cannot determine whether you found them inside the boxes of cereal or by collecting box-topps.

1970 Topps Scratch Off #24 Carl Yastrzemski
The Scratch-offs were inserted into 1970 Topps baseball cards, one per wax pack. Unfolded, they formed a game board which is played by scratching off each one of the 44 boxes covered with black ink. There must have been versions of this in all different kinds of sports. I remember playing a football variation at about the same time.
1976 Hostess #138 Fergie Jenkins
I love the fact that these were cut from the bottom a box of snacks. How many must have been ravaged by an over zealous 10 year old. This particular card is very nice, so they had the sense to ask an adult to cut it out. This set is also unique as 1976 was 'the bicentennial' year and everything apparently was swathed in Red, White and Blue.
1970 Kellogg's #49 Jim Lonborg
The first of Kellogg's 3D sets to be released with the relatively new 3D technology. This set has a really lovely design and simple with the baseball logo in the top right corner.
Thanks Matt, these great baseball cards (and coin) are a welcome addition to the collection.

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