Saturday 22 September 2012

What can you do with Eight Cliff Johnson's?

In a recent ebayUK purchase I was the lucky winner of some 1976 and 1973 Topps cards. The comment did say there was 'some' duplication. The seller was kind enough to include a neat little stack of unexpected 1979 Topps as well.
But seriously what do you do with 8 Cliff Johnson's beside make up your own 12 days of Christmas rhyme?


night owl said...

Ha! This was one of the first doubles I ever had. Good to see ol' '76 Cliff is still good at duplication!

Fuji said...

Bip an Astros collector? Iono... but what I will say is I loved Cliff when he played with the A's. He hit a home run at one of the games I attended in my youth.