Monday 24 September 2012

Trade with Matt aka docholoday

 Another of those long overdue trade posts. This time the trade was with Matt from  Matt lists amongst his likes, baseball, bowling shirts, fedoras and the Boston Red Sox, to name few. For a more detailed listing check out his DocHoloday website. Unfortunately listed amongst his dislikes is 'Soccer' .
In reply to this bunch of Red Sox I sent his way, was a box of complete or near-complete sets of Red Sox cards from the past few years. It is so nice to clear so many cards off the wants list in one big trade. Great stuff Matt.
He also included a fine stack of  Kimball Champion cards, a set which I am finding annoyingly difficult to complete.
Great trade Matt, Thank you. Good to see The Doctor was a welcome addition too.

1 comment:

Doc said...

Glad you like'em! And american soccer was just never my cup of tea, to use a terrible pun. lol.

If I'm ever in the UK, I welcome the chance to see what real soccer/football is. :)