Thursday 20 November 2008

Card collecting

I was reading Indians cards always and found it very amusing that he took photographs of the area of the house he stores his card collections.
It was like looking in a mirror.
I live an ocean and a huge chunk of land apart from most baseball card collectors but find we have more in common than I realised.
Is it just men? (or boys!) who need some sort of order in our lives. My wife calls it anal. I call it organised. My parents tell me, when I was a child I would line my matchbox cars up by size, then colour , then... well you get the picture.
But I thought I would share my baseball section of the house to show even across the pond -card collecting is card collecting.This is my baseball oasis in our house~ labelled folders by year, books, bobble heads, packing supplies, trade pile, trade packages to go out, Sports Illustrated and baseball stuff!

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