Thursday 6 November 2008

Trade with White Sox Cards Part Three

When I first accidentally stumbled across baseball card blogs, White Sox Cards was actually the first one that I read. It became my staple diet on baseball cards. From there it lead to others but I always found myself coming back to White Sox Cards for his interesting take on the cards, discussion of White Sox games and general baseball 'Stuff'.
I wasn't knowledgeable or brave enough to comment but read for many months before I finally thought I would like to contribute in some way. I searched his wants page and came up with about 10 cards he needed. Suffice to say I send them and he posted them on his blog. Since then I have a stack of white Sox cards building slowly and as they reach about 30 cards I send them. He has most but is always, always happy to receive them. He was generous enough to send some cards back too.
Here is the recent selection I sent to Steve~

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Steve Gierman said...

Another stack of cards is almost ready to send to you.