Friday, 14 November 2008

Trade with Brad from Hawaii

I'm not sure how I came to be in contact with Brad. I was pretty impressed when he said he was from Hawaii though. Besides the fact it's another state to add to the list of 'Trading States'. This is Hawaii ! When I was growing up I loved Magnum PI, it always looked like such an idyllic place. In my mind everyone drove a Ferrari and wore Hawaiian shirts (and probably had moustaches as well).
Brad as well as being a Hawaiian resident, is a Cincinnati Reds fan. The offereing from Waikoloa, Hawaii was:
1995 Fleer #7/20 Roger Clemens
1997 Pinnacle Denny's #3 of 29 Mo Vaughn
2000 Pinnacle Team 2000 #15 of 80 Tim Naehring
2008 Allen + Ginter #US22 Jason Varitek
2008 Allen + Ginter #200 David Ortiz
2008 Topps Chrome #20 Mike Lowell
2008 Topps Chrome #147 Josh Beckett
2008 Topps Heritage #220 Mike Lowell
2008 Upper Deck Series 1 #384 Clay Buchholz
2008 Upper Deck X #13 Manny Ramirez
Thanks for the great trade Brad. I will have to look out for more of the Denny's cards.

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