Saturday, 21 February 2009

Trade with Jeffrey from Card Junkie

While perusing the wants lists on different blogs I came across Jeffrey's blog Card Junkie and he needed cards that I actually had. I sent a few Topps Updates and Highlights and he sent back a selection of Fleer and Topps cards, some that I needed. The selection from State College Pennsylvania included:
1988 Fleer #344 Todd Benzinger
1988 Fleer #352 Wes Gardner
1988 Fleer #357 John Marzano
1988 Fleer #359 Spike Owen
1988 Fleer #361 Jim Rice
1989 Topps #734 Jody Reed
1990 Fleer #268 Wade Boggs
1990 Fleer #269 Ellis Burke
1990 Fleer #271 Roger Clemens
1990 Fleer #273 Nick Esasky
1990 Fleer #276 Rich Gedman
1990 Fleer #277 Mike Greenwell
1990 Fleer #287 Lee Smith
1991 Fleer Stickers
Thanks to Jeffrey for the trade, our first but hopefully not the last.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Glad you liked the cards. Thanks for helping with my '08 Topps.