Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Trade with Chris from Sac Bunt

There have been a number of newer blogs arriving on the scene lately and they raised the bar on blogging. The great looking site Sac Bunt Baseball is one one of them. Chris and John, Orioles and Twins supporters respectively, not only write very well but add, what I think, are some stunning photos. Where do they get those fantastic stadium shots? Their banner is particularly impressive and have me exploring for a better picture of my own blog. We recently undertook a trade, a first with these two, and I had my first helping back. What a brilliant selection of cards, including my first 2009 card, arrived from Vienna Virginia. Included was:
1980 Topps #40 Carlton Fisk
1987 Score #625 Jody Reed
1990 Post #2/30 Roger Clemens
1991 Stadium Club #459 Phil Plantier
1992 Donruss #23 Wade Boggs
1992 Donruss #523 Mike Greenwell
1992 Fleer #4 Roger Clemens
1992 Fleer #33 Tom Bolton
1992 Fleer #34 Tom Brunansky
1992 Fleer #35 Elleis Burks
1992 Fleer #40 Joe Hesketh
1992 Fleer #44 Phil Plantier
1992 Fleer #45 Carlos Quintana
1992 Score #21 Roger Clemens
1992 Score #58 Jeff Reardon
1992 Score #156 Greg Harris
1992 Score #187 Jeff Gray
1992 Score #189 Carlos Quintana
1992 Score #294 Steve Lyons
1992 Topps #59 Mo Vaughn
1992 Topps #677 John Marzano
1992 Upper Deck #505 Matt Young
1992 Upper Deck #676 Kevin Morton
1993 Fleer #12/18 Eric Wedge
1993 Fleer Excel #2/20 Joel Bennett
1993 Leaf heritage Series #BC3 Wade Boggs
2008 A piece of History #FM4-8 David Ortiz
2008 A piece of History #CSC-PS Curt Schilling /Jonathan Papelbon
2008 Allen + Ginter #US37 Jacoby Ellsbury
2008 Baseball Heroes #92 Jon Lester Green 143/499
2008 Baseball History #177 Carlton Fisk/ Carl Yastrzemski Green 191/499
2008 Masterpieces #31 David Ortiz Green
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic #RE-CB Clay Buchholz 61/99
2009 Topps #50 David Ortiz

Wow, fantastic cards Chris. A 1980 Topps, three numbered cards, my first green Masterpieces and a Jacoby. I really appreciated the trade and look forward to more in the future.


Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cards and it was a pleasure trading with you! One quick correction, you actually traded these cards with Chris. John is the Twins fan who is sending you the cards as we speak. I know it's confusing with two of us! Thanks.


jackplumstead said...

Really sorry about that. I have now corrected the post and title.