Saturday, 14 February 2009

Trade with Mark from Mark's Ephemera Part 2

I enjoy reading Mark's Ephemera it has a mix of baseball and real life. His entry about a shopping trip with his daughter amused me in a couple of ways. I take my daughters shopping as well, usually to a toy shop called 'Smyths' or 'Tescos' a huge mega supermarket a bit like Walmart but without the sports card section. I don't think you realise just how blessed you are. I have read many times on blogs quote such as:

"I went to get milk and came back with two blasters and 5 packs of cards..."
"...I went shopping for my wife's/girlfriend's birthday/Christmas present and bought a few packs of..."
"On the way home from work, thought I would drop into Target/Walmart (delete as appropriate) to pick up some packs of cards and a dozen or so blasters...".
My trips to the shops with my girls couldn't be move removed from. It usually consists of reading the shopping list and then spending half an hour or so in the My Littlest Pet, Jungle, Pony section or Dora the Explorer or any aisle that is predominately pink. I can't help have a modicum of jealousy that Mark was negotiating the price of sports cards. Then later nonchalantly putting a pack of cards in his cart and going off looking for bird seed.

The nearest I come to any sports cards is in a newsagents called W.H.Smith. Behind the counter they have a selection of football cards: Match Attax, Champions League, Topps Total, etc, Some Thumb Wrestlers packs, Ben 10 and a few other TV show related sticker packs and a range of sticker albums. You see we're still pretty big on stickers and sticker albums over here. The only cards are the Match Attax, Slam Attax and other football (usually European), there is the occasional Star Wars. The magazine section isn't much better.

There are more than enough football related titles, the biggest Martial Arts, Ultimate Warrior and Ways of Hurting People section, some Guns and Fishing magazines, Yachting, Surfing?, climbing, running, jumping, hopping and skipping magazines and a basketball magazine.

A while ago I asked if they ever stocked 'Sports Illustrated'. The lady was helpful enough to direct me toward the Magazines Manager. Never heard it was his reply. What? Would it be possible to arrange to order 'Sports Illustrated' and/or 'USA Today Sports Weekly'. He left, came back and said 'NO!'
Just remember how lucky you are.
Here are the rest of the cards Mark sent:
1989 Topps Stickers #16 Mike Greenwell
1989 Topps Stickers #29 Bruce Hurst
1989 Topps Stickers #35 Glenn Davis (Bruce Hurst on reverse)
1989 Topps Stickers #49 Kirk Gibson (Wade Boggs on reverse)
1990 Donruss #186 Bob Murphy
1990 Fleer Boston Stickers
1990 Fleer #288 Mike Smithson
1990 Fleer #632 Boston Igniters Wade Boggs/Mike Greenwell
1990 Fleer #648 Dana Williams
1990 Topps #18 Carlos Quintana
1990 Topps #155 Ellis Burks
1990 Topps #188 Mike Smithson
1990 Topps #338 Dennis lamp
1990 Topps #573 Danny Heep
1990 Topps #629 Eric Hetzel
1990 Topps #676 Randy Kutcher
1991 Donruss #9 Roger Clemens
1991 Donruss #122 Dwight Evans
1991 Donruss #123 Jody Reed
1991 Donruss #138 Dennis Lamp
1991 Donruss #346 John Marzano
1991 Fleer #89 Ellis Burks
1991 Fleer #106 Tony Pena
1991 Score #8 Ellis Burks
1991 Score #77 Dana Kiecker
1991 Score #109 Greg Harris
1991 Score #173 Jody Reed
1991 Score #183 Rob Murphy
1991 Score #271 Luis Rivera
1991 Score# 333 Daryl Irvine
1991 Score #399 Roger Clemens
1991 Score #693 Cecil Fielder
1991 Score #837 Randy Kutcher
1991 Score #889 Wade Boggs
1991 Topps #189 Daryl Irvine
1991 Topps #269 Joe Hesketh
1991 Topps #574 John Marzano
1991 Topps #675 Tom Brunansky
1992 Stadium Club #732 Mike Gardiner
1993 Score Select #94 Frank Viola
1993 Score Select #302 Scott Cooper
1993 Score Select #401 Eric Wedge
1993 Topps #103 Jody Reed
1993 Topps #270 Frank Viola
1993 Topps #528 Paul Quantrill
1993 Upper Deck #103 Scott Fletcher
1997 Leaf #346 Rudy Pemberton
2000 MLB Showdown #22 Ramon Martinez
2000 MLB Showdown #68 Butch Huskey
2000 MLB Showdown #73 Jose Offerman
2000 MLB Showdown #79 Jason Varitek
2001 Donruss #121 Trot Nixon
2001 Donruss #141 Jason Varitek
2001 Fleer Focus #10 Nomar Garciaparra
2001 Fleer Focus #17 Carl Everett
2001 Fleer Focus #90 Jason Varitek
2001 Fleer Genuine #2 Nomar Gaciaparra
2001 Fleer Genuine #93 Pedro Martinez
2001 Topps Chrome #375 Nomar Garciaparra
2001 Upper Deck Legends #24 Cy Young
2002 Topps #45 Carlos Baerga
2002 Topps #128 Jonny Damon
2002 Topps #336 Derek Lowe

Thanks to Mark for the huge selection of cards and he managed to get some very sweet Nomar cards in there as well.

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Captain Canuck said...

wow. sounds like living in England in a lot like living in Canada. No cards. No magazines. No fun.