Saturday 8 September 2012

2012 Panini Triple Play

When this set first appeared on Panini's web-site, I have reluctantly got to say it was love at first sight. Sad but I had to get my hands not just a few packs but a box of the stuff.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been in contact with PaniniUK and Panini Europe about obtaining Triple Play. Their professional suggestion was to get in contact with 'someone' in the US, who might deliver to the UK.
Grudgingly I purchased a box of 24 packs of Panini Triple Play from Dave and Allen's Card World.
Price of Box $24.00
Price of Delivery $24.00. Like hell it costs $24.00 but I'm not going to quibble just yet.
Import and Customs £6.91 ($11.00).

You see Dave and Allen say the value of the item includes the postage cost, so Customs and bloody Excise don't just charge you for the item, they add the postage costs as well. I can feel myself getting a little hot under the collar but it's not entirely Custom and Excise fault,its my own fault, although some of the blame has to rest with dacards because instead of using the USPostal system and Royal Mail, they plump for UPS.
UPS a private company then charges me £11.00 to deliver my goods that have already been paid for once.
UPS Brokerage Surcharge £11.00  ($17.60)

Bringing the grand total of a $24.00 box of cards to $76.60 about $3.00 a pack.

Let me just say I am going to eke these cards for a little while. Please be patient.


The Angels In Order said...

Look how much fun you'll have ripping 24 packs of baseball cards. That's priceless!

Martyn said...

Use (Germany) the prices are high but less shipping and from the EU

Captain Canuck said...

is it wrong that I'm glad that us Canadians are't the only ones who get bent over by american shippers?