Sunday, 12 April 2009

1990 Fleer Baseball

Big B over a Waxaholic sent me three packs of 'Junk Wax', although I personally wouldn't call any packs junk, particularly since packs are a rarity(here inthe UK).

There are 660 cards in the base set consisting of 620 players, 7 checklists, 14 major league prospects, 10 player of the decade and 10 league leaders. The packs had 15 cards and 1 sticker.

Dayf sent a Red Sox free packet of these in January. Here's hoping I do better this time around.

The Pack:
The sticker
#122 Frank White Royals
#194 Mark Williamson Orioles
#197 Blaine Beatty Mets
#205 Keith Hernandez Mets
#244 Alex Cole Cardinals
#314 Ruben Sierra Rangers
#339 Greg Vaughn Brewers
#417 Eric Davies Reds
#440 Greg Cadaret Yankees
#487 Jerry Browne Indians
#501 Joel Skinner Indians
#552 Don Carman Phillies
#593 Lonnie Smith Braves
#594 Pete Smith Braves
#638 AL All Stars Mattingly McGwire
Another pack of 1990 Fleer without a Red Sox card, but that is two in row that has the Mattingly/McGwire card.