Sunday 19 April 2009

2004 Flair retail

If you are at all like me, I like opening packs. Don't get me wrong cards are great but opening your own packs makes you child like. So I succumb and bought some packs from the US. I tried to look for packs I had never opened before and I understand that most of these packs have probably been searched and the 'hits' gone.
First up is 4 packs of 2004 Fleer Flair with a big RETAIL written across the top.

The set consists of 60 base cards and 22 Class of '04 (# to 799).
There are parallel cards: Fleer Collection Row,
There are inserts: 35 Hot Numbers, Hot numbers GOLD.
There are various game used memorabilia/autograph inserts.

Pack 1
#3 Jeff Bagwell Astros
#6 Tom Glavine Mets
#30 Andruw Jones Braves
#50 Hideki Matsui Yankees
Pack 2
#8 Barry Zito A's
#23 Shannon Stewart Twins
#27 Angel Berroa Royals
#51 Jim Thome Phillies
Pack 3
#1 Brandon Webb Diamondbacks
# 4 Shawn Green Dodgers
#32 Sammy Sosa Cubs
#48 Adam Dunn Reds
Pack 4
#14 Alfonso Soriano Rangers
#33 Dontrelle Willis Marlins
#38 Scott Rolen Cardinals
#41 Jason Schmidt Giants
#HN-MT Jim Thome Hot Numbers Jersey

Well no Red Sox, but surprise, surprise a Game Used Jersey. Very nice indeed.

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