Tuesday, 14 April 2009

1991 Topps Baseball

The third and final helping of Junk Wax from Big B.
There are 792 cards in the base set.
The sub-sets (inserts) are: Record breakers, All-Stars, Managers, First draft picks and Future Stars.
There are parallel sets: Topps Micro, Tiffany and Desert Storm (or Shield as it was known then).

There are 15 picture cards and 1 stick of bubble gum per pack.

The pack:
#80 Fernando Valenzuela Dodgers
#196 Jim Vatcher Braves
#204 Herm Winningham Reds
#334 Todd Benzinger Reds
#351 Joe Torre Cardinals
#361 Scott Garrelts Giants
#466 Charles Nagy Indians
#537 Jose Lind Pirates
#587 Jose Offerman Dodgers
#719 Keith Miller Mets
#736 Dick Schofield Angels
#745 Doug Jones Indians
#769 Tim Sherrill Cardinals
#780 Randy Myers Reds
#785 Scott Fletcher White Sox
A couple of close calls; an ex Red Sox and a soon to be Red Sox, but no actual Red Sox cards.
I was reading the Instant Win Game card included in the pack and was surprised to see that as a celebration of 40 years of card sets, Topps was giving away all 40 years of Topps baseball sets-that's 'EVERY' set they had ever produced. (ARV $125,000) surely they are worth more than that! They also inserted one of every card from the past 40 years in retail packs, chances of obtaining one are 1in 1000 packs. Sorry the 1952 to 1956 cards are redemption cards with instructions on how to obtain the card, expiry date 04/01/1992. Imagine pulling one today.

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