Monday 13 April 2009

1991 Fleer Baseball

The second Junk Wax pack from Big B. Interestingly there is a advertisement on the wrapper for the 'Fleer Pro-Vision Sports Art Cards'. There are 12 to collect, they are limited edition and packed randomly in wax packs. Every star player portrait features bright, distinctive artwork that will make the set collectable (sic) for years to come. Anyone collect these or still trying?Apparently they are collectible for years.

There are 720 cards in the base set.
There are inserts: 10 Fleer All-stars, 12 Fleer Pro-vision.
There are two 'special' inserts only available in certain packs: 9 Wax Box cards and 8 World Series cards.
There are 14 cards and 1 sticker per pack.

The Pack:
#30 Stan Belinda Pirates
#88 Tom Brunansky Red Sox
#137 Bobby Thigpen White Sox
#165 Frank Viola Mets
#186 Todd Stottlemyre Blue Jays
#194 Tim Belcher Dodgers
#381 Mike Walker Indians
#437 Jerome Walton Cubs
#461 Mike Schooler Mariners
#440 Steve Wilson Cubs
#534 Craig Lefferts Padres
#573 Gary Thurman Royals
#644 Bryn Smith Cardinals
#649 Milt Thompson Cardinals
There is just too much yellow on this set.
One Red Sox though.

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