Thursday, 9 April 2009

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks

I picked this item up om e-bay recently. It is unusual for two reasons. Firstly Cracker Jacks are not available in the UK so the seller must have bought these back-unopened- from the US in 2003 (sell by date 14th October 2003) with the intention of eating them or keeping them to sell in the future on e-bay. Furthermore the auction was for 1 unopened box, an opened box and 11 cards plus 5 stickers. The picture is from the auction and is exactly what I received.

So now I am in a quandary, to open or not to open. The contents are from 2003. Do Cracker Jacks go off?


Captain Canuck said...

yes. they do go bad, or off, or however you wish to put it. dear gods man, don't eat anything. use it for packing material for your next shipment of stickers.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Captain Canuck right for god sakes don't eat that stuff. As a kid I always thought Cracker Jack was crap, even when it was "fresh". Crunch 'n Munch was way better. I used to make my mom buy Cracker Jack though just so I could pull out the baseball cards. I did the same thing with cereal and candy. I never know why didn't beat the tar out of me.

--David said...

I miss the days of pulling cards from candy and cereal boxes.

Don't eat it, and YES, open the packs! Get the prizes!