Sunday 3 May 2009

1995 Pinnacle Japanese baseball card

When I busted some packs of 1995 Pinnacle Zenith Edition baseball cards recently purchased from e-bayUS I pulled this Japanese Hideo Nomo Rookie card. I have posted the packs in 'Pursuit of Red Sox'.
I cannot find a checklist for this edition, let alone any information on this card. There is no mention of any 'special' insert mentioned on the packs. From another pack I pulled Hideo's rookie card-this card is not the same card with Japanese writing, it is a completely different card. Were these Japanese cards common to this set or is it a 1 of 1 card? I remember the hysteria in 2001 around Ichiro cards. Was there a similar reaction to Hideo Nomo?
Interesting, certainly. Stumped, definitely. No longer thanks to Chris Harris!


Chris Harris said...

It's a base card -- #48 in the '95 Zenith set. It's not a 1-of-1, nor is it an insert. Other than the Japanese text, there's nothing special about it at all. It's just a regular ol' base card.

Card #149 is Nomo's "regular" card, and is considered to be his "true" RC.

And yes, Nomo was to '95; as Ichiro was to '01 -- which is why Pinnacle added this Nomo Japanese card.

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jackplumstead said...

Blimey, he knows his stuff.
Thanks Chris

night owl said...

Base card or no, that's a fine Nomo card.