Tuesday 26 May 2009

2000 Topps Tek

Recently Chris Harris of Stale Gum busted, what he called Junk Wax, of 2000 Topps TEK. It must the plastic fantastic nature of these cards but after watching the video, I felt a real need for Topps TEK. Luckily a stumbled across a auction for 21 off these little beauties, in France of all places. The seller was practically begging to have these taken of their hands. The French hey, no understanding of culture or art or things of beauty.
It looks as if I wasn't the only collector who was hypnotised by the allure of Topps TEK.
Cardboard Junkie,
The Hamiltonian,
Dinged Corners,
are all confessing to the irresistible nature of Topps TEK.
Hello my name is John and I am a Topps TEK addict (and possibly a big girl according to Dinged Corners?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any shiny card is a good card! I don't think I have any Topps Tek in my collection, I'll have to buy some on my weekly trip to the card shop!