Tuesday 19 May 2009

Sorry for the break in transmission

Many apologies for the short break. Sometimes work gets in the way of leisure time activities. The children I teach have had a few weeks of tests. These tests called SATs (Standard of Attainment Tests),which the government subject our 11 year olds to, happen every year. The children are tested on reading, writing, mathematics and science. The inspectors who visited my school recently make judgements about the school, according to how the children in our care perform in these tests. I have been teaching a small group (19 children) of the Year 6 children Literacy skills (reading and writing). Some of the children feel the pressure and others breeze through as if it is just another ordinary day. Thankfully they are over and they can now think about the end of year production and then moving onto their new secondary schools in September.
Well that was a little more long winded than I had imagined it in my head, quick something baseball related.....

The last trade to arrive from the US came from Matt on the 4th May, however a few interesting baseball items have appeared on e-bayUK. (plus a great deal of rubbish too.) I have pursued some more 1980 Topps and Jacoby cards on e-bayUS without much luck. The postage is a killer, varying from $5.00 to $11.00 for 1 card. Although I was outbid, at the last moment, on a lot of Jacoby Ellsbury cards that would have been real cheap to post.
Looking forward to posting about baseball cards regularly again.

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