Friday 1 May 2009

Trade with Greg from NightOwl

I only collect baseball cards. I have tried hockey and American football but the interest just wasn't there. I remember having a discussion with a fellow collector who was a basketball fan and collected the autograph cards of some of his favourite players. He then started to collect the autograph cards of baseball players, when he had very little interest in baseball. I thought this odd at the time as I am not a multi-sport collector. That changed however when Topps released the Mayo Football set, these cards looked fantastic. The simple black border and sepia tones shouted style. I needed to get a hold of some and when packs were being opened on blogs, my eagerness for packs continued.
Recently a package of cards arrived from my friend Greg at Night Owl Cards. I had sent some Dodgers and this was the 4th (possibly 5th) trade we had completed. Lo and behold enclosed was the Dustin Pedroia Mayo insert.
I like shiny cards but I also like the simple sepia cards. But which is best? Does anyone else feel the same about the B+W and sepia cards or are they just another crappy gimmick? There were also some B+W Upper Deck inserts in the Timelines set if I remember correctly.
Greg also sent along this great selection of cards:

1980 Topps #206 Strikeout Leaders
1982 Topps Stickers #120 Carl Yastrzemski
1982 Topps Stickers #150 Jim Rice
1983 Fleer #189 Reid Nichols
1983 Fleer #194 Jim Rice
1983 Fleer #198 John Tudor
1985 Fleer #162 John Henry Johnson
1987 Sportsflics #77 Boston Red Sox
1987 Sportsflics #136 Red Sox v Angels
1987 Sportsflics #149 Jim Rice
1988 Score #472 Ellis Burks
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier #88 Tim Naehring
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier #124 Mo Vaughn
1991 Score #586 Jeff Gray
1993 Leaf #131 Greg A Harris
1996 Donruss #14 Rick Aguilera
2008 Topps Chrome #WMDPC1 Manny Ramirez
2008 UD Masterpieces #15 David Ortiz
2009 Topps #115 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Topps #TME-DP Dustin Pedroia
2009 Topps Attax # Jason Bay
2009 Topps Heritage #54 Jonathan Papelbon
2009 Topps Heritage #111 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Topps Heritage #363 Coco Crisp
2009 Upper Deck #41 David Ortiz
2009 Upper Deck #42 Jacoby Ellsbury
2009 Upper Deck #43 Coco Crisp
2009 Upper Deck #45 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2009 Upper Deck #51 Mike Lowell
2009 Upper Deck #57 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Upper Deck #58 Jason Bay
2009 Upper Deck #59 Justin Masterson
2009 Upper Deck #424 Michael Bowden
2009 Upper Deck #470 J.D.Drew
2009 Upper Deck #487 Dustin Pedroia
2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #13 Daisuke Matsuzaka

Thanks again Greg. Not only for the 1980 Topps I needed , the Mayo insert and the Jacoby but also these great cards. 1960 was a fine looking set.

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night owl said...

Yes, 1960 was a fine-looking set. And the Mayo cards are fine-looking as well. Your eyes do not deceive you.