Monday 2 November 2009

Trade with Big B from Waxaholic

Brian from Waxaholic and I have traded cards across the pond for a good 12 months now. The package that arrived from Brian the other day contained cards that recognised that I have more than one pursuit.
Firstly he sent these 4 Jacoby Ellsbury cards for Pursuit of Jacoby.
This chronicles my attempts to collect all the Jacoby cards with no specific print runs from 2005 to the present.
Secondly 2 Junk Wax packs for Pursuit of Red Sox.
Any packs I manage to beg, borrow or buy are opened here in search of Red Sox.
And lastly 4 cards for the Pursuit of 1980's Topps.
This was my first and a long term pursuits, but thanks to Brian and a host of other generous collectors might be coming to an end very soon. There are now only 3 cards I need to collect the whole 726 set. In an era that was devoid of short printed, different coloured parallels and mini refractor relics, it has been a quest that was attainable.
Many thanks to Brian for this much appreciated package.

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Captain Canuck said...

I've got the last three cards you need for the 1980 set now... they'll be on their way to you shortly.