Sunday, 21 June 2009

Trade with Dave from 'The Bench'

In December I document my unsuccessful attempts to make trades on the trading sites, 'Sports Cards Forum' and 'The Bench' One of the successful trade with Dave in Fresno helped me acquire a healthy selection of Baseball Heroes cards. I sent another unsolicited package of Twins cards to Dave expecting nothing in return, just the knowledge that the cards would be placed in a good home. Yesterday two packages arrived from Dave filled with more Baseball Heroes cards. Each one a parallel numbered card.
Dave sent:
#27 Josh Beckett light blue 44/49
#34 Wade Boggs light blue #14/49

#19 Mike Lowell Green 91/99
#23 Jonathan Papelbon blue 91/199
#24 Jacoby Ellsbury blue 136/199
#28 Daisuke Matsuzaka blue 134/199
#32 Carlton Fisk blue 128/199
#34 Wade Boggs blue 128/199
#176 Wade Boggs blue 95/199
#20 Jason Varitek Red 99/249
#22 Manny Ramirez red 162/249

2009 Topps Finest #4 Curt Schilling blue refractor 137/299
2009 Topps Finest #40 David Ortiz refractor #177/399
I have never seen any of these mildly hypnotic cards. '
'Look into my eyes, not around the eyes. Look straight into my eyes. Now you are under. You will buy more Topps products in the future. When I snap my fingers you will remember nothing except my last message'

2009 Goudey #19 Jed Lowrie
2009 Goudey #25 Kevin Youkilis
2009 Goudey #25 Kevin Youkilis mini
2009 Goudey #31 David Ortiz
2009 Goudey #35-100 Pedroia, Ortiz, Fisk, Beckett red border
2009 Goudey #202 Carlton Fisk
plus all the Baseball Heroes Red Sox base cards.

A welcome surprise and a great addition to the Red Sox collection. If your listening Dave-Thank you. I feel an unnerving urge to buy Topps cards.


AdamE said...

I want, no need that 09 Goudey Youkilis. Will you take something of the followint for it.
08 Heroes Green Beckett 11/499
08 Heroes Green Buchholtz55/499
08 Heroes Brown Papelbon 36/149
08Heroes Grey Boggs/Mattingly25/399
08 Topps Gold Foil Jacoby

AdamE said...

By the way I already have a package for you that just needs sealed and stamped (not to mention customs paperwork). So I can just add whateve you choose to it.