Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Trade with Adam from Thoughts and Sox

Here's one way to clear off a large number of cards from your wants list.
I won't list the cards that Adam from Thoughts and Sox sent recently as there is just far too many. He did include this 2008 Topps Jacoby Ellsbury gold foil. It looks like any normal run of the mill 2008 Topps card but the writing is in gold.
However, for some reason the card that was of great interest to my children was a 1987 Sportflics of Wade Boggs. Why am I surprised? The modern child has access to 10o's of TV stations, all the music in the world at their finger tips, an inexhaustive supply of video clips on you-tube and they were interested in a 'moving' card of Wade Boggs. Who would have thought that something as simple as this would hold their interest. Surely they had seen this sort of thing before-Yes they had, but they still found it mildly fascinating. I should drag out some of my 3D Star Wars cards that are tucked away in the loft somewhere. Now those are great cards.
Thanks Adam for the large brick of cards that I can clear off my wants list.

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ForwardThought said...

I came across your blogger site when I was searching the web to see what the value of my 1980 Topps original rookie Rickey Henderson card. I have seen values of anywhere from $50-$300. Now, since you seem to be on the up and up on cards--what would be the a "true" worth of it? I have kept it in a hard plastic screw in case for now 20 years; however, the edges have some slit ware at which I would not place it as mint condition but more good condition.

Thanks FT