Saturday 21 March 2009

1977 Pepsi Cola Collection

This is an interesting card that arrived within the box recently sent by Tribecards. I have become fascinated with cards that come with consumer goods. I have cards produced by Topps for Pepsi, I presume for advertising purposes, but I have never seen a round or baseball shaped card before.
A quick search supplies me with some information.
These were inserted in cartons of Pepsi-Cola, and there were 72 cards in the set. This round card was not however how the card originally looked. This is the interesting part. The card is the insert in the middle of a glove. The back had a send away offer, for a Personalized Superstar T-shirt with your name on it. The four Superstars were Pete Rose, Rico Carty, Joe Morgan, and Rick Manning.
The example shown is:
To my buddy Chris (place your name here), Best Wishes, Pete Rose.

I think that is as personalised as it gets. I will add this to my growing 'oddball' collection of cards.


capewood said...

Those are great.

Mark Aubrey said...

I just saw a stack of them at the card show today. I didn't bother with them, except to notice them, as I was pushing my budget.

Nice items, though.

--David said...

I wish I would have had the glove to go with it, but my daughter got hold of them before I could stop her. She punched out all the Pepsi liners I had. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't the worst thing she could (or, heaven forbid MAY) do in her life. :-)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Unknown said...

I have all of them how cool