Friday 20 March 2009

1989 Topps American Baseball cards

Ever since I found out that Topps had created a set of baseball cards for the UK market in 1988, ingeniously called 'American Baseball cards', I have searched for packets. I found some and posted them on 'A pack a day' back in August 2008. I was informed then that a set was produced in 1989 as well. I have searched for this set since.
To my surprise two lots of cards arrived on e-bay called just American baseball cards, I had a sneaking suspicion that these were the cards I had been searching for all this time. The photo provided was upside down and the description game no hint as to the year, just that there was 46 in one lot and 42 in the second. So I put in a bid and waited. Again my 'strategy' paid dividends and I won both lots.
To my further surprise when they arrived, it appeared that it was the complete 1989 set. All 88 cards, nicely placed in six card sleeves. There are only 4 Red Sox in the set, I don't mind it was a pleasant e-bay purchase and the conclusion of another 'pursuit'.

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capewood said...

The 1988 cards have been showing up in repack packages here for about a year. I've got almost the whole set that way. I didn't know they had a 1989 set until Dinged Corners sent me a pack of them a few weeks ago.

The thing that makes me laugh about them is the explanation of baseball terms on the back. They read like they were written by lawyers.