Monday, 23 March 2009

Promotional Sample baseball cards

An interesting find on e-bay recently, this collection of 6 promo/sample cards. The cards arrived from Germany, of all places. I know very little about them. They are designs that I have not come across before, except the Ben Grieve Skybox EX century. I am curious as to whether they were cards soon to be released or whether they are 'We are contemplating this designs, what do you think?'.Answers on a postcard, sort of cards. Either way, how do they make their way into the public domain. Are they sent to card shops, magazines or collectors? In Germany?

This is obviously pre-Internet boom of blogging. Now companies send a 'box' of specially selected cards to Beckett Media or a random box to Wax Heaven. So I can only presume that the Promo cards has gone the way of the Dodo. David at Tribecards has an appreciation for sample cards, so they will be winging their way over to him soon.

I think the card companies have come to understand that plastic cards, like the skybox EX, Pacific Invincible and ToppsGallery Proof Positive are not too popular and the attempts at this style of cards have fallen rather flat. I like them, but not for aesthetic reasons, mainly for their oddball nature.


--David said...

So far as I understand it, the 'sample' and 'promo' cards were sent out to dealers for feedback and to show off upcoming sets (mainly the latter).

I love promos and samples that end up never becoming 'real' cards. It's kinda like watching some of the creative process in action. Of course, sometimes, the promos had players that were not featured in the regular set, and other times, these sample sets included several "hot" players to try and get the dealers/buyers to latch on to the latest offerings.

The ones you have look pretty cool!

Bay Rat North West said...

The ones you have with UD PROMO on them were given out in issues of Tuff Stuff magazine. I used to hate getting to the news stand and all the issues had opened bags were someone had gone and taken the cards.

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