Sunday 1 March 2009

Trade with Mr Ross from Boxbusters

A good friend of this blog since its humble beginnings is Mr Ross from Boxbusters. Advice, a friendly chat and card trades, there isn't much more you need from a trading buddy. He collects Cardinals and like similar collectors such as Steve at White Sox Cards and Greg at Night Owl Cards, he possibly has most of the Cards cards I send. But in the spirit of trading he always sends something back.
Here is the helping from Mr Ross in East Alton Illinois:

1991 Donruss #684 Roger Clemens
2008 Donruss Threads #58 Luis Exposito
2008 Donruss Threads #62 Jon Still
2008 SP Authentic # AP22 J.D.Drew
2008 SP Authentic #AP32 Julio Lugo
2008 Topps #YR151 Clay Buchholz
2008 Topps U+H #46 Kevin Youkilis
2008 Topps U+H #68 Jonathan Papelbon
2008 Topps U+H #107 Jason Varitek
2008 Topps U+H #190 Manny Ramirez
2008 Upper Deck #436 Julio Lugo
2008 Upper Deck X #X-JB Josh Beckett
2008 Upper Deck X #X2-BE Josh Beckett
2008 Upper Deck X #X3-JB Josh Beckett

I read on many blogs that the UD X was a pointless set of cards and if I remember correctly was voted the worst (or runner up worst)set of 2008. The scan doesn't really do these cards any justice. They are shiny, super shiny and I am like a Bower Bird in mating season and drawn to all things shiny. I like them, worst set 2008 or not.
Thanks again Mr Ross for the great cards.


Ross said...

Glad they arrived safe and sound man!

Captain Canuck said...

Bower bird?
You are so English;)