Monday 2 March 2009

Trade with Mark from stats-on-the-back

In a recent trade with Mark from stats-on-the-back he decided to 'go BIG and ODD.
'If you hate 'em , let me know,' he added.
I let Mark know that I didn't hate 'em at all, in fact quite the opposite. The set of Red Sox photographs from 1981 are 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall. The checklist is the who's who of Red Sox baseball. What I would like to know is if the players knew the photograph being taken would appear on a glossy 5x7. Some of the younger players posed batting or fielding but the 'Hey Dennis', 'What?'-snap photograph is an unfortunate one. But then, 'Hey Carl', 'What?' -snap that's is unforgiveable. What about the 'If you take my photo I will jam that camera..!' from Carlton Fisk. At least Frank made an effort, perhaps that hat just belongs to someone else.
They look as if they were taken at spring training, that is a palm tree I see in the background?
Are there many in New England? Along with these great cards, Mark added:
A big Carlos Quintana sticker
Two large 1985 Donruss cards #15 Dwight Evans, #27 Jim Rice
Three large Donruss Champions #4 Jim Rice, #10 Carl Yastrzemski, #16 Wade Boggs
1989 Bowman #32 Wade Boggs
1989 Bowman #36 Ellis Burks

Honestly Mark these are fantastic. Thank you. I love them.

Seriously Bob, these will go on a 5x7 glossy. Look at Dave at least he tried.

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

These shots were taken at spring training in Florida, which is why there are palm trees.